Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?
• Sign up for your 7-day free trial right here!
How do I enter a promo code?
• During the sign up process, there will be a space to enter your promo code, if you have one.
Can you help me set up my Facebook Fanpage?
• Yes we can - annual members receive our white-glove service that includes a free Fanpage setup. You'll also receive a free custom Fanpage cover. If you're not quite ready for our annual plan, our team can set up your Buiness page and create a custom cover for $199.99. To request your Business page setup, please call us at 1-888-712-7888.
Why should I use MortgageMingler instead of an in-house Social Media Manager?
MortgageMingler is your in-house social media manager! In fact, it's like having 10 in-house social media managers working for you around the clock creating industry-leading, social media content. Your Social Expert can even help market your listings by sharing them with our network of realtors in your local area. Try it out for free, and you'll understand!
How does the 7-day free trial work?
• To experience the impact of MortgageMingler's social media management on your business, simply sign-up and try the full service for absolutely no cost! If you like it (and we're positive you will), after 7 days we'll begin whichever payment plan you've chosen!
How do I cancel my account?
• Cancelling your account is simple (but we'd be sorry to see you go!). Just use whatever communication method works best for you: email, phone. Live support is available Mon. - Fri. / 9 AM - 5 PM EST at 1-888-712-7888. If you need to notify us outside of those hours, drop us an email at and we'll process your cancellation right away.
How do I connect MortgageMingler to my LinkedIn and Twitter?
• It's super easy: on your Dashboard, go to Settings and then Networks. There you can turn LinkedIn and Twitter ON!
Help! My Lead went to my Spam folder!
• Lost Leads means lost revenue. In order to ensure that you never miss a Lead that we send your way, follow these simple instructions for whitelisting our emails.

Social Networks

Does MortgageMingler or my Social Expert have access to my Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn passwords?
• Nope! Rest assured: MortgageMingler only has the ability to post to your account. Your Expert and don't have access to your login information or passwords, and can't see any of your private account info.
Can MortgageMingler connect with my Instagram account?
• We're constantly performing data-driven analyses of the best channels for servicing our agents. At this time, we have no plan to offer Instagram as we've found that it's just not as valuable an option for our clients. But we do connect with your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


How much does MortgageMingler cost?
• At MortgageMingler we have different price plans to suit your needs. Not sure which one's for you? You can always start a free trial, or give us a call at 1-888-712-7888!
Are your prices in USD, GBP or CAD?
• All prices are local. If you live in the UK prices are listed in GBP. If you reside in Canada, our prices show as CAD and if you're in the United States, they show as USD. But remember you can take 7 days for free! Still not sure? Give us a quick call at 1-888-712-7888!
Which methods of payment do you accept?
• We currently accept payments online by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
How do I change my credit card?
Right here! On your Dashboard, you can scroll over your picture in the top-right and on the Invoice page, you'll find the option to update/change your credit card.


How many locations can I add?
• You can add up to two locations for content to your profile. On your Dashboard, head to Settings and Location. There you can add your primary location, and there's a box you can click if you want to add a secondary location.
Can you post to my blog/website?
• We only post to your social networks. But, many blogs and websites have the option of installing "widgets" that'll show a mini-feed of your social media!
What type of content does my Social Expert post?
• You're in total control! We have a wide range of topics related to real-estate that you can choose from, such as Local News, Beautiful Homes & Gardens, and Tips & Guides for Clients (plus a lot more!). To choose, on your Dashboard go to Settings and then /Content. That's where you can customize exactly what content you want to see.
Do You Support Personalized Twitter Hashtags?
• We do not support personalized Twitter hashtags at this time.
How often can I post?
You can post everyday if you want to! Or any combination of days that works best for you. Customize your posting days in your Dashboard by going to Settings and then Frequency. Then simply click all the days you want to post.
What time of day do posts go out?
• Since your Social Media Experts at MortgageMingler are real people, your posts will usually go out any time during working hours. It varies day-to-day too (so you can be sure the posts don't look automated)!
How local is the content my Social Expert posts?
• Our experts are phenominal at sourcing specific local content! And the more major your market, the more local your content will be. Either way, all of our content is top-notch and high quality.


How do I add a listing?
• Adding a listing to our FeaturedĀ Listings Showcase is easy: simply go to the Listings page in your dashboard, then click "Add a Listing". All the listings you've added will be shown here.
Can I publish my listing to more than one location?
• Nope, your listing only gets published to it's own location! But remember, if you're publishing content from our Local Listings Showcase, a lot of people are still going to see your listing.

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